Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jane Austen Book for Round Robin

Front and back covers:  I tried to stay with a narrow color scheme- pale blue and browns.   By all means- artists, please do not feel that you have to stay with this palette!  It was an exercise in 'control' for me- since I tend to be all about color and lots of layers. This book can be about all things 'Jane'- whether it illustrates bits from her novels, works around quotes, or simply gives a snapshot of what it was like during her era in England.

The inside cover and facing page introduce Jane and her 'England'

This spread is illustrating a few quotes that I found amusing.  So many of Jane's novels had a focus around marriage and the surrounding etiquette involved in courting that special prospect.

The back facing page is featuring an ATC I received in a recent 'Jane' themed swap. Beverly Sager is the artist and I thought this would be the perfect home for the ATC she created for me.  My 'sign in' page is on the inside of the back cover and is a large envelope to collect calling cards- just like Jane would have done!  I hope you enjoy working in my book- I will be so thrilled to see all of the wonderful and diverse creative energy you have to share!


  1. Lovely pages Jill!! Can't wait to get my hands on your book :D The palette you worked with is one of my all time favorites.

    looking forward to getting to know all my journal mates.


  2. Well done for keeping to your challenge of a limited palette, looks great. LOVE your 'sign-in' page, calling cards - how cool is that!
    I am really looking forward to working in your book, I don't know an awful lot about Jane Austen, but love England - and a good challenge. It will be fun. Ux

  3. Great work! Can't wait to see it in my hands. I am enamored of the felines that own you too.Felines rule!

  4. oh this is so great ... I would have loved working in it ..... Linda F